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They return by early e\   They taVe lunch, and fake rest for

the day.

They collect from the forest such forest products as

honey, wild fruits, leaves of some trees, brooms, tamarind, etc.,

whenever available. As this Is a reserved forest they do not collect

timber from the forest,

c)   Other Occupations :

One or two families have sheep or cattle and these are

driven to the forest for grazing during the day by children of the

family. But this is not a regular occupation even for them.

? persons are working as employees of Government or

&emi~goyenunent authorities. They are whole-time employees.

So they do not join the others in collecting forest products. But

other members of their families do.

One of the tribals has started a tea stall recently. His

daughter assists him. He cannot serve refreshments because he

does not have the required skill. He therefore sells ready food

packets and biscuits to customers.

Opportunities of hunting game have diminished. Firstly,

government is takihg care to preserve wild life. Secondly, they do-

not have a gun to shoot game. They however have nets to trap

the hare, the wild cat or the squirrel. But hunting, as an occupa-

tion, has disappeared.

7.    Government Assistance :

In recent times the Integrated Tribal Development

Authority, Parvatipuram and the Mandal Development Officer,

Bobbili have come forward to give some assistance.

The Government has allocated nearly 2 acres of Banjar

laad e^cb to 8 persons; bank loam were sanctioned to 13 persons